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Got the Food Moods?
End Emotional Eating With New Book

Psyched to be Skinny

San Francisco Bay Area (2-1-2014) . . . I am anxious so it’s time for ice cream! I am worried so let’s open a bag of chips. I am depressed --- there has to be a bag of chocolate chips somewhere in this house! Sound familiar? Are your eating habits triggered by emotions not hunger? You are not alone.

• Over 50% of men and woman acknowledge that they use food as a coping mechanism.

• Studies show that diets neglect the emotional side of eating, which is important when addressing weight loss.

But there is an answer to avoid the “food-moods” and it is Psyched to be Skinny (January 2014) co-authored by Dr. Denise Wood, Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Susie Garcia, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

The book addresses 10 different emotion-­driven eating personalities and offers lifestyle changes, not a diet, depending on the type of emotional eater.
Dr. Wood says, “We first define the different types of eaters and the ‘symptoms’ that each demonstrates. An example, a depressed eater many times feels guilty when they over-­indulge, which then may deepen the depression.” With the eating personalities defined, the book presents the following tools to help make gradual changes for each of the categories:

• Cognitive Behavioral Exercises

• Solution-­Focused Exercises

• Types of Physical Exercises

• Food Choices and Recipes

Garcia further describes the book using the three P’s -­-­ practical, purposeful, and positive. She explains, “It is practical because it doesn’t require any special or costly foods so anyone can adapt these eating practices. It is purposeful because there is a desired effect or an intended outcome – you are healthy and no longer controlled by emotional eating; and it is positive because there isn’t a can’t, don’t or stop that in the book!” The co-­authors emphasize that the book never mentions going on a diet. It is a guide to making choices that they call “life-­styling”.

• Statistics show over 95% of diets fail with weight gained back in one to five years.

• A survey of 17,000 failed dieters (almost 90% of whom were women) found that most had relapsed because of emotional issues.

• The number of adults who turn to food to reduce stress is nearly equal to those who turn to smoking, alcohol, shopping and gambling combined.
Source: Stress in America Survey, American Psychological Association

• 48% of people surveyed reported overeating or eating unhealthy foods to manage stress, while one in four skipped a meal in the last month because of stress.
APA Poll

Dr. Wood further explains that one of the hardest things about emotional eating habits is that you just can’t stop eating to alleviate the problem. “If you smoke, drink or gamble you can eliminate it from your life. That is not an option since we all need food to sustain our existence”. The only answer is to first identify “why I eat when I do” and then replace it with “What I will eat”.

They both are quick to say they are not any different than the rest of us. “Throughout our lives we have experienced many emotional-­eating triggers. What we learned was how to counteract those prompts and make choices that worked creating a healthy and balanced life”, explains Garcia. Both women have maintained their high school weight through having children, divorce, numerous moves, entrepreneurship -­-­ in other words -­-­ all that we encounter in a lifetime that sets off emotional responses.

Both Denise and Susie are passionate about the subject since so many people struggle with weight resulting from emotional triggers. They want to share what they have learned and lived to help others be realistic about food and create a positive healthy approach to eating. Their hope is the book will help rid readers of the emotional response to those ups and downs with food and make their eating experience practical, purposeful, and positive. They also added that even though while writing the book some emotional triggers were ignited, not one pound was gained in completing it!

For more information about Psyched to be Skinny visit www.psychedtobeskinny.com


Denise Wood, MA, PsyD and Susie Garcia, RDN reunited at a high school class reunion after not seeing each other for over 20 years. Each expressed their desire to write a book to help others gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle resulting in Psyched to be Skinny. Dr. Wood is founder of Wood Counseling Services, LLC specializing in relationship counseling, executive coaching and candidate assessment for corporate positions. Garcia owns Nutrition For Your Lifestyle where she educates and promotes health and wellness by providing practical solutions for individual and corporate clients to maximize results for a lifetime.

Title: Psyched to be Skinny
Authors: Denise Wood, MA, PsyD and Susie Garcia, RD
Pages: 140
ISBN #: 978-­1-­939825-­00-­1
Publication Date: January 2014
Price: $14.95; ebook $4.97
Size: 5-­1/2” x 8-­1/2”