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Denise Wood

Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and
MA in Counseling & Psychology

Denise Wood is an author, relationship coach and speaker on mental health issues. She is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and has her Master’s of Arts Degree in Counseling and Psychology from St. Mary’s University, MN.

Wood worked as a Psychologist II for the Minnesota Department of Corrections and was a Psychological Profiler for the Hostage Negotiation’s team for the Moose Lake and Rush City Correctional Facilities.

Dr. Wood is the founder of Wood Counseling Services LLC. offering relationship counseling. She has a passion for working with juveniles, individuals with obsessive and addictive behaviors, depression and suicide. She coached executives on family life and career choices as well as conducted assessments for large corporations on candidate selection.

A lifelong athlete, Dr. Wood is an avid skier, biker, rock climber, scuba diver and race car driver. She is married to her husband of 16 years, James, and they have two children. They reside in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Dr. Wood is the co-author of Inside the Cheater’s Mind (October 2010) and Psyched to be Skinny (January 2014).